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Counter-Revolution: An Alternative Political Choice
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Let's focus on THE PEOPLE to initiate a reversal — a COUNTER-REVOLUTION. The U.S. Supreme Court has said, "an unconstitutional act is not a law" (Norton v. Shelby County, 6 S.Ct. 1121). In other words, we owe no obedience to unconstitutional acts.

The States created by Reconstruction were not a party to the U.S. Constitution. Constitutional violations do not injure them. In law, by re-establishing our states, Constitutional violations now have an "injured party" — a legal foundation on which to mount a peaceful resistance to Reconstruction and its wide-reaching effects. Therefore, it is our right and duty to reclaim our state citizenship and re-establish our lawful state constitutions.

Individuals on the front lines would begin removing themselves personally from things which are required or restricted of U.S. citizens — but are not required or restricted under the laws of their re-established state. Just like our founders, we begin standing up for our own liberty.

As our numbers grow, the original states shine through, becoming the lawfully recognized body politics. America once again has state citizens and demi-sovereign states, and the federal government is again limited. Not only would this system result in liberty for all of the states as originally founded, it also opens the door for free market competition between the states, resulting in an economic boom throughout America.


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