John Ainsworth Presents America's Remedy. One choice. One remedy. Accept no imitations.

God and Country. Apple Pie.

John Ainsworth is the founder of America's Remedy, a counter-revolution and the only lawful remedy which seeks to re-claim America and her foundational freedoms.

In 1996, John took two years off from work to fully dedicate his time and resources to study America's history and foundation; seeking to remedy a government system which blatantly disobeyed the laws and principles that this country was founded upon. Having been raised as a good ole "God-and-country-John-Wayne-apple-pie" American, John's filter through which he viewed our current system of government slowly began to lose its rosy color as what he thought he knew about our country collided with what he actually observed.

About John

Contrary to popular assumption, John is not a secessionist. Rather, he is a strong advocate of lawful, constitutional government, and passionate in his service to see America re-claimed. John was the host of T.I.G.E.R. (Truth In Government, Everyone's Responsible) Television for 8 years, and is currently a co-host for the Democracy & Demagoguery TV show. John has been on numerous talk radio shows such as Matt Mittan's "Take a Stand Show", co-host on John Stadmiller's "National Intel Report", Randy Yarborough's "To Free America", "Fife & Drum", and guest on The Josh Tolley Show, to name a few.

John currently lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife of 25 years. They have two children.

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