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Our Mission

Learning History to Restore Our Future

America's Remedy is a nonpartisan, educational think tank focused on re-establishing America and her demi-sovereign states on a free and Constitutional foundation.

Understanding our history is VITAL to restoring America's future. The mission of America's Remedy is to educate fellow Americans about the true history of the overthrow of our states through Reconstruction (1867-68); to disseminate accurate information about how these unconstitutional Reconstruction Acts affect us today; and to equip every American with the tools needed to restore our lawful states and our rightful status as state citizens.

Our primary goal, through education, is to ignite a peaceful Counter-Revolution among the American people; and to reclaim our lawful states (body politics) which were annulled by the second American revolution, also known as the Reconstruction Acts.

John Ainsworth offers exciting full-weekend seminars across the country, as well as condensed presentations. The America's Remedy team also travels to provide educational and activist materials, as well as guidance and assistance for states wishing to re-establish, and offers assistance to individuals wishing to re-claim their lawful citizenship status.


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