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America's Remedy Educational / Activism Materials


A Nation Overthrown Historical Seminar DVD-Set

Is America broken, or was it overthrown? Everything you thought you knew is about to change.

Filmed live on location in Maggie Valley, NC, this fascinating seminar series will reveal shocking truths about the untold history of America, and provide a unique "Northern" perspective into the object of the civil war. The information presented in this 2-disc set challenges the beliefs long held by mainstream America on Abraham Lincoln and nationalized citizenship.

You will be captivated as John Ainsworth gives a provocative glimpse into his personal battles in court as he challenges the constitutionality of the Reconstruction Acts, and of the de facto body politic which seeks to maintain its unlimited control over the American states. This seminar series is the only one of its kind that provides the innovative and bold solution to what ails America, while providing the necessary tools to begin asserting your rights instead of begging for them.

BONUS FEATURES include an interactive quiz, with downloadable teacher's key. Perfect for homeschool families, and students of all ages!

Total Run Time: 4 hrs, 48 mins

A Nation Overthrown

$20 Per 2-Disc Set + $5.00 S/H

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Counter-Revolution: An Alternative Political Choice

Watch instantly online!

This 10-minute, animated video on DVD presents the root of America's problems, a viable remedy, and the result on the other side.

Every four years, Americans seek "change" by way of their vote in the current political system. Oftentimes, change comes. But the economic and moral downward trend continues, election after election. Our foundation continues to erode. Is there something more? Something we're missing as a people? Do we owe it to ourselves and our children to do more than check a box every four years? Is our Constitution important to us? What would the founders have done?

Counter-Revolution offers a fresh perspective on our problems, the history that got us here, and an exciting remedy that you may not have previously considered.

BONUS FEATURE: Includes our 53-minute Remedy Webcast special covering the Counter-Revolution in greater detail, including discussion on the nature of national U.S. citizenship and a glimpse into the process of re-establishing our lawful states.

Total Run Time: 10 mins + 53 mins (webcast)

1 DVD for $8.00
5 DVDs for $30.00
10 DVDs for $50.00

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A short study on the decisions
behind the Hewett v. City of King Lawsuit

On January 6, 2015, the small City of King, North Carolina, made the decision to remove all religious symbols from the veterans' memorial at their Central Park. Today, the Christian flag and kneeling soldier statue can no longer be found at the memorial.

Also available online as a free download, this educational America's Remedy short study booklet, REMOVED, seeks not only to answer the details behind what happened in the small city of King, North Carolina concerning the Hewett v. City of King lawsuit, but also WHY it can happen anywhere in America, and a remedy to reverse the trend.

$5.00 each
5 pack - $10 ($2 ea.)
10 pack - $15 ($1.50 ea.)
25 pack - $30 ($1.20 ea.)

(all orders add $3.00 S/H)

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The Remedy Flyer
Share the Remedy. America's foundation, second revolution, and the counter-revolution to come, in one convenient flyer. Front side details the Remedy, while the back of the flyer includes a note and bio from America's Remedy founder, John Ainsworth. We'll soon be offering bulk packs of these flyers. For now, please feel free to download, print and share.

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Constitutional Town Hall DVD

1 DVD for $5.00
5 DVDs for $20.00
10 DVDs for $35.00

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Constitutional Town Hall DVD:
An Encroachment on Our Liberty

Special Presentation by John Ainsworth

Filmed on location at the Lighthouse Convention Center in Raleigh, NC this primer DVD is an excellent introduction to America's Remedy, the nationalization of citizenship, and how we can restore true constitutional state sovereignty.

Total Run Time: 1 hr, 17 mins

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9



America's Remedy Bumper Stickers!

Get your fellow commuters thinking. Get your bumper stickers on!

3"x10" - $3.50

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"Voting IS NOT the answer."
3"x6" - $2.00

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3"x6" - $2.00

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North Carolina American Republic (NCAR) Flag Sticker
Pre-reconstruction flag sticker for the re-established state.
3"x4" - $2.00

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North Carolina American Republic (NCAR) State Flags

Start recognizing Constitutional law as binding! Fly the flag of your lawful state!

North Carolina American Republic (NCAR) State Flag
Pre-reconstruction flag for the re-established state of North Carolina.
3'x5' - $10.00

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