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Booking JOHN. Invite John Ainsworth and bring the REMEDY to your area!

Shake things up!

John Ainsworth offers exciting full-weekend seminars, as well as condensed presentations simplified to fit your specific event. The information presented will provide the necessary tools for declaring state citizenship and the knowledge needed to participate in lawful state government.


John is available for speaking engagements and seminars all over the country. Contact him to discuss scheduling and pricing for your event, and to obtain the tools needed to promote any of his upcoming speaking engagements.

Technical Support/Requirements

Most speaking engagements are accompanied by a dynamic Keynote presentation, and while John provides most of the technical equipment needed (laptop, projector, etc..) below is a list of other items which may be needed for your event.

  • PA system
  • Cordless lavaliere (lapel) microphone.
  • Speaking podium
  • Projection screen, or clean/white space to project the presentation

Contact us today to schedule your event!


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