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NC PATCON (North Carolina Patriot Convention) Oct. 5, 2013

We are very excited to be to be invited back to PATCON! Saturday, Oct. 5th, beginning at 9:00am you will be educated on a variety of subjects by several speakers. It is a beautiful location, great people, and great food. It is $20 pp which includes your food and should be sent to: Brock Townsend at 319 Holly Lane Cape Caterer, NC 28584 by September 20th.

John will be speaking twice. His first speech is titled: "A Moral & Just Cause": We as a people are in dire straits and are a fractured people. A candid observation shows that a common rallying cause has been illusive for the movement. The different groups such as the Tea Party, Libertarians, etc. rise and fall with emotions surrounding the next election...4 more years of inaction is to the decline of our country. We need to think outside the box and have a moral and just common cause focused on restoring America back to the hands of the people. The 2nd speech is titled: "The Face of a Freedom Fighter”: the concept being, What is a freedom fighter? What does a Freedom fighter look like? What are the characteristics of a true freedom fighter? What actions should a freedom fighter take?

The actual location of the Event is: 94 Roberson School Road Tarboro, N.C. 27886 (map)

 We encourage you to come out and support America's Remedy and NCAR!! For more information see:

Doug Shetron

October 5, 2013
9:12 pm
Thank you so much for taking your time to present us with your message at PatCon. You have inspired me to begin my own research into my state of PA's constitution in relation to the Reconstruction Act and with Gods help, be able to understand the many unfamiliar words and language of written law. I am not sure where this will take me and question my ability to complete the task.
Godspeed in your work and may he give you providence in it.

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