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Who held the rightful title & why is this important today?

John Ainsworth


 Robert E. Lee, original owner of Arlington Cemetery?  

This is a lengthy,yet worth the read, great article by Smithsonian Magazine, (click here for the article), both for its content and the timing of sending it out. This article deals with an out-of-control Congress passing unconstitutional legislation to take away property of private citizens. 

“If justice & law are not utterly extinct in the U.S., I will have it back."~ Mary Lee

As chief magistrate of the reestablished body politic/state of North Carolina, I believe this article represents a direct parallel to our efforts.  The soil of North Carolina was unconstitutionally taken from the original body politic and we have a right to reclaim it, in law, by both showing and proving the unconstitutionality of the unlawful seizure and occupation of our soil through the Reconstruction legislation.  A few quotes from President Andrew Johnson, Commander in chief of the United States military in his veto of the third Reconstruction Act, July 19,1867:

“Another ground on which these reconstruction acts are attempted to be sustained is this: That these ten States are conquered territory;... that their territory is a conquered country and their citizens a conquered people, ...”

“A title by conquest stands on clear ground; it is a new title acquired by war; it applies only to territory;…”

“There is not a foot of the land in any one of these ten States which the United States holds by conquest… We have not conquered these places, but have simply “repossessed” them.”

Though it took the Lee's 20+ years to re-claim their property, in the end their legal battle was won.  It is important to note here that the battle would have never been won had they not been willing to take a stand. Congress will maintain their unconstitutional occupation until such time as a rightful and dedicated people stand up and reclaim title to their stolen soil.

“After a six-day trial, a jury found for Lee on January 30, 1879: by requiring the "insurrectionary tax" to be paid in person, the government had deprived Custis Lee of his property without due process of law.”

“The government appealed the verdict to the Supreme Court—which ruled for Lee again. On December 4, 1882, Associate Justice Samuel Freeman Miller, a Kentucky native appointed by President Lincoln, wrote for the 5 to 4 majority, holding that the 1864 tax sale had been unconstitutional and was therefore invalid.”

I believe this is the same method, which should be used in every state of the American union, to bring awareness to the people of the true cause of the overthrow of the US Constitution and the subjugation of the citizens of the states to the Federal government. It is a legal argument directly parallel to that of the Lee’s. We believe that when this awareness motivates ½ of 1% of the American people to boisterously stand up for their right to lawfully re-claim their soil, we can peacefully put the American union back on its lawful foundation.

 If your desire is to restore the union of American states and the lawful implementation of the United States Constitution, based on a peaceful, lawful and provable legal argument, please contact America’s Remedy so we can coordinate a unified effort.

“If justice & law are not utterly extinct in the U.S, we will have our states back.”~ John Ainsworth, Chief Magistrate of NCAR, borrowing from Mary Lee.


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April 8, 2013
6:38 am
Great insight. Reelived I'm on the same side as you.

Frank Young

November 23, 2012
3:28 pm
Hey hello Mr. Ainsworth! I heard you, and called in, on the radio October 4th here in northern Colorado. Even wrote to you via "republiclost" site:
greetings ‏10/09/12;from Francis Young;Dear Mr. Ainsworth,
I greatly enjoyed Randy Yarbrough's interview with you last Thursday here in the Colorado Front Range. And I have enjoyed hearing the re-broadcasts (4) over the past few days, because after my initial enthusiasm and phonecall, I needed to think longer about these positions, and have more information about the law. I've been gathering that, and working with it. As I do so, the enthusiasm returns as I continue to see the soundness, the inspiration in your work. The 'odd' appearance of Amendment 14 is now understandable, as was the idealization (idolizing) of the principle of equality which continues today .
I have enjoyed some of your videos on the website with the constitution conference members. And the steady work you, all of you, are doing in NC is outstanding. My thoughts about a Colorado project of lawful government move with baby-steps; and, CO being a post-Reconstruction state (established 1876) makes the work free of your state's traditions, on the one hand, and needing therefore a special, extended focus of Coloradoans on the founders' history with the U. S. Constitution, as well as on the special condition in the pre-Reconstruction states and their now "dormant" original constitutions.After knowing this, we in this state could appreciate our post-Amend. 14 status (non-status!)

I will look forward to hearing the podcast Thursday, and if you're traveling out here, I'd enjoy knowing about it. Any suggestions for Colorado's beginning work that you have, please share. I send my thanks for what the citizens of the NC American Republic have done.

God's blessings on your work!

Frank Young,
Lochbuie, Colorado

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