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 Post Civil War Reconstruction overthrew the founding principles of America. The Reconstruction Acts (1) nationalized citizenship in the United States, which gave the federal government an indefinite supremacy over All ...

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Tune in Tuesday, May 24th as Randy Dye interviews John on Paul Revere Radio form 8:00 to 9:30pm. Listen at and call in with comments and/or questions at 917-889-8870


Tune in Again on June 1st as Joyce Riley interviews ...

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JOHN AINSWORTH, will be a guest on Joyce Riley’s “The Power Hour” syndicated talk radio broadcast on Wednesday May 4th at 10:00am Eastern Time. (see below for other time zones both nationally and internationally)


"ThePowerHour ...

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America’s Remedy joined several other groups at the State Capital Tax Rally on Friday April 15th and received a cameo spot on ABC channel 11 News. (See video below)

We are an educational group that is focused on re-establishing America back on ...

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